Stacy Road Pet Hospital

451 Stacy Road
Fairview, TX 75069


Dr. Ben Haning

Dr. Haning graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1986. He has practiced in the Plano/Allen area since 1987. He and his wife Nancy have two children, Katie and Stephen. The Haning family pets include two dogs, two cats, six goats, five chickens, and several goldfish. Dr. Haning is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Haning and his family are members of First Baptist Church of Allen. In his spare time Dr. Haning likes to travel with his family. His hobbies include gardening, woodworking, and beekeeping.


Dr. Christian Hoyt

Dr. Hoyt and his wife Holly are natives of Amarillo, Texas.  Christian earned his BBA in marketing from West Texas A&M University in 2000 and worked in corporate America for 5 years before deciding to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.  He earned his DVM degree from Oklahoma State University in May 2009.  Christian and Holly have 3 beautiful daughters:  Aspen, Addison, and Amerson.  They also have 4 dogs (P.J., Rosie, Dude, and Rooster) and 1 cat (Devine).  In his spare time, Dr. Hoyt enjoys spending time with his family, firing up the BBQ grill, yard work, reading, hunting, and fishing.